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I'm heading out to work this morning, traveling on the highway and listening to a book on cd when I notice a humming noise coming from front end.  When I hit 55 mph it got louder.  When I hit 60, the hum turned into a rumble.  I took the first exit off the highway and headed toward the auto shop.  Fortunately I was far from the place.  They called and told me that the bearings in the front wheel passenger side were gone.  I'm lucky.  No bearings and the wheel could have just come right off which is not a good thing when you are doing 70 on the highway, during rush, with people tailgating you all the time.  It's gonna cost me 250.00 to get it fixed.  The really sad part about this is not that I have to cough up 250 dollars but that I was happy it wasn't more then that.   I really need a new car. >_<
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Okay, I live in Maryland right outside of Washington DC. The only thing I know about earthquakes is what I've read or seen on tv. Not any more. A 5.9 quake. In this area. WTF?

Scary as hell is what. I work on the top floor of my building and you could literally see the building moving back and forth with you in it. I've got bad knees and need a cane. They were forgotten along with the cane in the trip down 12 flights of stairs. I unfortunately remembered both on the 12 flight trip back up to get keys, phone and purse, then take the stairs back down.

They sent us home and the news said "oh don't forget aftershocks" as if it's something we deal with on a regular basis. I flew to California, the land that shakes, and no quake but at home in a land that doesn't shake, we have a quake. That's so fucked it's not even funny. -____-
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Writer's Block: School days

Do you think kids should learn about sex in school, and why?

A very big YES to that question. There is nothing worse then some poor child being victimized due to ignorance about sex and it's repercussions and while I started talking to my daughter at an early age, the classes that she took gave her some information that was current and very necessary for her to know for her own well being as well as anyone she was going to be intimate with.

I took a few classes about 15 years ago as an adult re-education course for women getting back into the work force and one of the classes as a sex education class and while it focused on educating women on what constituted sexual harassment it also touched on some basic facts about STDs. Half of them I had never heard of much less knew the warning signs or symptoms of and I was a divorced mother of two.

In my opinion, having young people learn about sex in school leading to them actually going out and having sex is stupid and shows a lack of understanding of what is actually taught in the classes. If my daughter is an example of most young ladies, her opinion that sex these days can be scary as hell and should NOT be ventured into lightly and without all the facts, is probably the norm and not the exception.

Sex, while pleasurable, is not worth dieing for and if one person learns that from a sex education class then it's well worth it no matter how uncomfortable it makes some people.
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Quiet Time

Upon further reflection, I do believe that some quiet time is in order. I've been working way to hard lately and it's time to take stock of my current situation and do some serious thinking about what I want to do next career wise as well as with my life.

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I've lost the man that I thought I was somewhere.
He's just not here anymore.
I don't know where I lost him or when, but he's just not here.
I almost did something that is so against everything that I believe in, that my mind won't process it.

But Shinya wouldn't do that would he? He's not capable of violence on that level is he?

He but i'm him
couldn't but I did
do no but I wanted to
that no but I wanted to
could he? no but heaven help me, I wanted to