Yamada Shinya (smokin_drummer) wrote,
Yamada Shinya

Ai no Kusabi Ova 1

Today is my birthday and a friend sent me over to Aarinfantasy for my BD gift. Ai no Kusabi Ova 1! I just finished watching it and it's beautiful! Don't worry. I won't be posting up any spoilers. The artwork is gorgeous. The sound track is good. They still come at you like you should know the story already but it's not an exact copy of the original Ova. I'm looking forward to the next ova. I've seen the old ovas a number of times though I've only watched the ending once. I swore I'd never watch it again it affected me that much. I may have to change that for the new series. If you can get the chance, watch it. It's worth every minute of your time.
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