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I'm heading out to work this morning, traveling on the highway and listening to a book on cd when I notice a humming noise coming from front end.  When I hit 55 mph it got louder.  When I hit 60, the hum turned into a rumble.  I took the first exit off the highway and headed toward the auto shop.  Fortunately I was far from the place.  They called and told me that the bearings in the front wheel passenger side were gone.  I'm lucky.  No bearings and the wheel could have just come right off which is not a good thing when you are doing 70 on the highway, during rush, with people tailgating you all the time.  It's gonna cost me 250.00 to get it fixed.  The really sad part about this is not that I have to cough up 250 dollars but that I was happy it wasn't more then that.   I really need a new car. >_<
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