Yamada Shinya (smokin_drummer) wrote,
Yamada Shinya


Okay, I live in Maryland right outside of Washington DC. The only thing I know about earthquakes is what I've read or seen on tv. Not any more. A 5.9 quake. In this area. WTF?

Scary as hell is what. I work on the top floor of my building and you could literally see the building moving back and forth with you in it. I've got bad knees and need a cane. They were forgotten along with the cane in the trip down 12 flights of stairs. I unfortunately remembered both on the 12 flight trip back up to get keys, phone and purse, then take the stairs back down.

They sent us home and the news said "oh don't forget aftershocks" as if it's something we deal with on a regular basis. I flew to California, the land that shakes, and no quake but at home in a land that doesn't shake, we have a quake. That's so fucked it's not even funny. -____-
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